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Create brands.
Develop brands.
Market brands.

Our mission is to support aspiring entrepreneurs in bringing their dream businesses to life, guiding them through every step of the journey, from inception to completion. We provide comprehensive assistance in software development, branding, and marketing, serving as your dedicated long-term business partner, committed to your ultimate success.

We strive to transform the process of running a business into an enjoyable endeavor, akin to pursuing a fulfilling hobby.

hobby company capital raised


seed / pre-seed round

brands helped


Starbucks, Gongcha, Mcdonalds, Pizzahut, Event Cinema, Hoyts, Subway etc.

number of countries


South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United States, Germany,
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

how we work.

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Capital raise

media publications.

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Since our inception in 2017, we have collaborated with numerous companies and garnered recognition from various media publications, highlighting our dedication and hard work.

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