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new zealand startup incubator

hobby company.

Join our Hobby incubator
to Scale Your Startup.

Providing access to support for entrepreneurs.

“Hobby Company  firmly believes in and operates on the principle that great ideas 
can originate from anyone, regardless of their geographical location or background.”

We only have one goal in mind.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to thrive. Through our intensive 6-month  program, we provide startups with 
unparalleled support from top mentors, a vast network of investors, and alumni founders. 
Key benefits for early-stage startups include:

  • Coming up with ideas

  • Validating ideas 

  • Market validation 

  • Creating MVP / Product development

  • Beta launching

  • Testing & Iteration

  • Market launch

  • Gain your first 1000 users

  • Find  Product-market fit

  • Build traction

  • Create Pitchdeck

  • Look for investors

  • Raise Capital

hobby company capital raised


startups helped


The Second hand club, Gifticon, Baro, Dakogi, Emotion Note, Dog on Restaurant.

number of countries


South Korea, New Zealand, Australia,
Singapore, United States, Germany,
Indonesia, Malaysia +

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Sam Kim 

Founder / CEO

image 446.png

Kyuwon Kim


image 472 (1).png

Cedric Jang


image 451.png

Liam Turner


image 452.png

Christine Tsai



Leah Harding


Where we help.

South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United States, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia +


What our founders got to say.

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"What made me excited to be a part of the Hobby Incubator program is that it opens doors to new possibilities and business potential... I met amazing mentors who helped me to refine my business model, build my cap table, and raise $1.25 million in 30 days. The network is invaluable."
Jasmine Leigh, Co-founder

"Hobby Incubator has been a transformative experience for my startup. The mentorship and networking opportunities have propelled my business to new heights. With their support,
I fine-tuned my strategy, expanded my network, and secured vital funding. Hobby Incubator empowers entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve remarkable success."
Jasmine Wels, Co-founder

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Who do we invest in?

We provide support and invest in companies 
across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Germany, 
South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

We like to work with startups in the following industries
-Consumer tech
-Deep tech
-Content creation
-F&B businesses
-Pet industry
-Architecture tech 
-Agricultural tech

The incubator process.

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1. Apply for the incubator

Apply for your spot at the Hobby incubator program.​​

interview 1.png

4. Interview process

You will be interviewed from one of our team members to know more about your startup.

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2. Application review

Our team at Hobby Company will review your application to see if it is the right fit.

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5. Interview outcome

We will assess your startup to see if it 
has potential for growth.

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3. Outcome of application

Within 1 - 3 days you should hear back from us on the results of your application.

new zealand startup incubator

6. Welcome to Hobby Incubator

Let’s rock and roll!

Ready to accelerate your startup?

Take the first step towards completing your application.

Thanks for submitting!


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