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hobby ventures.

Startups playground.

Hobby Ventures.

We are committed to providing support and investments at every stage of the founders journey, right from the very inception of the business and throughout its growth trajectory.

Hobby Company proudly announces the launch of the Hobby Fund, an esteemed investment venture aimed at fostering the growth and success of early-stage startups with a profound capacity to bring about positive and impactful changes in the world.

hobby company capital raised


seed / pre-seed round

brands helped


The Second hand club, Gifticon, Baro, Dakogi, Emotion Note, Dog on Restaurant.

number of countries


South Korea, New Zealand, Australia,
Singapore, United States and Germany.

image 450.png

Sam Kim 

Founder / CEO

image 446.png

Kyuwon Kim


hi_renzo_a_startup_investor_casual_pose_smiling_0022e8b6-8a93-4500-8726-86d75fb4eb78 1.png

Eddy Tengku


image 451.png

Liam Turner


image 452.png

Christine Tsai



Leah Harding


Why Hobby Ventures?

We are a group of former founders hailing from diverse industries, well aware that no startup achieves perfection from the outset.
Through our personal experiences, we have traversed the various stages of startup development, accumulating invaluable insights encompassing ideation, market validation, MVP creation, and capital acquisition.

We support software developments.

Having personally encountered the frustrations associated with outsourcing software development overseas, only to find ourselves entangled in a nightmarish scenario, we empathize deeply with fellow founders.

At Hobby Company, our primary objective is to assist you in constructing your product, freeing you to concentrate wholeheartedly on advancing your business endeavors.

Our process.

1. Online catchup session with one of our team member

2. Support with product development

3. Hobby Ventures Program

4. Hobby Ventures Demo Day

5. Raising capital


Who do we invest in? 

We provide support and invest in companies across New Zealand,
Australia, Singapore, Germany and South Korea.

We like to work with startups in the following industries

-Consumer tech
-Deep tech
-Content creation
-F&B businesses
-Pet industry
-Architecture tech
-Agricultural tech

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