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Get on board with Gifticon and sell around the clock

With Gifticon, you can send a small token of your appreciation (or a very large one) with absolute ease. And for businesses signing up for Gifticon, it means selling around the clock, without staying open past business hours.

Founder Sam Kim says he got the idea for Gifticon because sending a special person something to brighten their day isn't always easy. "Sometimes, you end up not giving a gift because finding, packaging and sending is a hassle. Gifticon makes it simple, fast and easy to give just about anything to anyone."

The essence of Gifticon is the app for Apple and Android for 'gifters' on the one hand. It lets you buy a product and send it to a recipient, who receives a QR code redeemable at a retail outlet.

On the other, there's website - and an app already released on Android and Apple - where your business registers for Gifticon (with a free trial period).

Customers use the app and see your company's listings of products and services. In effect, it's an app-based 'shop front' which operates around the clock, throughout the year. "Kind consumers with the Gifticon app looking to treat someone special can buy and give your products and services at any time as a digital gift voucher redeemable within a year," explains Kim.

"We call the in-app digital voucher a Gifticon and your customers can buy and send to mates, partners or anyone else, any time, in seconds. Best of all, they can send a Gifticon through any app in the smartphone's 'Share' menu: Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, MMS, text message or more, not requiring any downloads for the receiver to start receiving and redeeming."

Armed with the QR code, giftees can redeem their gift in your store – business owners simply scan using the tablets that Gifticon provides free of charge, confirming the transaction.

The concept is proven in South Korea, where Gifticon has over 25 million registered users giving 600,000 gifts every day.

The solution also gets rid of plastic gift cards which are not only costly, but definitely not great for the environment. "The whole process is digital and secure. Buy a Gifticon, send a Gifticon and scan a Gifticon at a redeeming store. It all happens on the smartphone using custom generated QR codes on the handsets we all have today. It's a no-mess, no-fuss answer to gifting in the 21st century," says Kim.

For consumers, a signup process is required, including entering a username and password, after which consumers can choose from and pay for any of the items on offer from participating businesses.

For businesses, signing up via the website is necessary. It includes a slightly more detailed process, including listing items for sale and setting up an account into which payments are deposited.

"Kiwis are known for their generosity. Now we're making it even easier for the culture of giving every day to take hold," says Kim.

Businesses registrations for Gifticon are invited at Register now and get your company featured on the app!

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