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We’ve all succumbed to the sad, puppy-dog eyes our pet implores us with when are snacking on something they shouldn’t have. Now, you can spoil your beloved dog to a real treat – at Dog On Restaurant’s new dog-dining restaurant!

Sam Kim is very excited about moving the Dog On Restaurant experience offline, so owners can share this unique experience with their pups.

“Myself, when I order a pizza, my dog goes crazy and wants some, but he can’t have it,” said Kim. “All these little bits and experiences you can’t share with your dog, we are enabling between dog and owner.”

Kim told Fennec that whilst all their treats and incredibly popular, the top-seller is most likely the birthday cake. With an increase in people getting dogs, spending more money on their dogs and treating them like their babies, Dog On’s analytics show more people wanting to celebrate their dog’s birthday. To do that, you need a cake.

Kim said they try to create a new menu every month or two, and next month’s menu looks divine! Customers can look forward to ice cream (no dairy, of course), macaroons for dogs, and they’re even trying out doggy wine.

All these goodies are sampled by professional taste tester, Pama, Kim’s two-year-old Maltese-poodle.

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